Top 10 Offline, open world games for [Android/ios]

Here we go again! So let's start our hunt with 'Zombie OffroadSafari' by DogByte Games, an addictive racing game with a fun zombie twist. Here you’ll find yourself exploring the range of maps as you search for treasures and upgrades, all while defeating hordes of zombies. As you progress, you’ll unlock new vehicles and customization options for your truck. And at only 85 megabytes, it’s easy to understand why this game has received so many rave reviews from fans.

Next up we have 'Nimian Legends: BrightRidge' from the indie developer Protopop Games. This fantasy RPG requires 429 megabytes of storage space, but you can understand why, when you see these beautiful graphics. This game will let you choose between story and exploration mode, depending on whether you want a pre-written adventure, or to create your own! Over time Your character will also gain shape-shifting powers, allowing you to further explore the map as a range of different creatures.

Next on our list is one you’ll all have heard of – Minecraft, by Mojang! You’ll have the choice to play in creative mode – with infinite resources – or survival, where you start with nothing and have to mine to gather materials. Build anything from a tiny cottage to a huge castle, craft weapons, and armor, and fend off mobs and monsters alike. You can even play this game online with friends, cool isn't it?

Moving on, we have Gangstar Vegas from Gameloft, where you’ll play as a martial arts star who ends up falling in the world of crime. There’s also endless sandbox fun, including stunts with ragdoll physics, challenges to complete, and addictive casino games! And as if that wasn’t enough, there's zombie mode too. This game takes up 2.1 gigabytes, but with all the features it includes, it’s clearly well worth your storage space!

Next is 'Off The Road' - another cool title from DogByte Games. Explore the open world on foot, or by car, boat, or a helicopter, and at the only cost of 180mb! This driving simulator has great realistic vehicle damage and simulates actual tire-pressure which changes based on load! With endless exploration, tons of challenges, collectibles, and cars to unlock, you won’t be able to put this game down once you start driving!

Next up today is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, from videogame giant Rockstar Games. This high-energy action title promises over70 hours of gameplay in its massive open-world map, covering the three major cities in SanAndreas. With wireless controller compatibility, there’sno downside to choosing to play this game on mobile. The download is on the larger side at 2.1gigabytes, but the masses of five-star reviews show that it’s definitely worth it.

Moving on now to another GTA title, this time grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, again by Rockstar Games. You’ll follow the story of the main character as he seeks out honor, riches, and revenge, in this new and unique style of GTA game, clocking in at 879 megabytes. With the epic storyline and side missions, addictive mini-games, and collectibles, we’ll be surprised if you’ll be able to stop playing.

Next on our list is Go To Street 2 from LeisureGames, a racing game that’ll let you roam around the city enjoying all it has to offer. Buy and upgrade your cars to race the streets or buy a helicopter and catch a birds-eye view of the city. Needing only 261 megabytes, this game is a must-have for anyone who’s looking for a racing game with a bit more room to explore.

Next up is Radiation Island, an action-survival title by Atypical Games. When you end up in an alternate reality, you'll be forced to survive by hunting, fishing, and fighting as you work to uncover the dark secrets of this reality to get back to the real world. Craft weapons, fight zombies, explore abandoned villages and old military compounds, and above all try to survive long enough to get back home.

Our last game for today is Payback 2, a GTA-style racing battle game from Apex Designs. With everything from tank battles to high-speed helicopter races, you’ll always be in the center of the action, and the endless replayability of the custom mode means you’ll never run out of challenges to take on. You can even play online with friends and compete with others across the world in leaderboard challenges. What are you waiting for? Start racing!

So that's all for today guys!
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