PUBG v.s Fortnite | which game wins? Game reviews

The two games we are going to talk about today seem to be in the media almost daily. Both are survival games and take inspiration from the Japanese dystopian thriller movie, Battle Royale. As the saying goes, it’s a fight to the death. There are other kinds of gameplay, such as playing in teams, and a 50/50 mode that was released by Fortnite Battle Royale on occasions. In that case, players are asked to work together, rather than just exterminate everything they see. Both games have been received well by critics and players alike, and have garnered millions of fans in quite a short space of time. But which is better? That’s what we’ll find out today, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Fortnite Battle Royale vs. PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds. We’ll start with Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. Released in 2017, it was developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. It’s available on numerous platforms and has been compared to Minecraft, except for the element of having to survive and kill lots of zombie-like things. Players are dropped into an unforgiving environment, a planet depleted of most of its population. Players don’t start with much in terms of weapons, but from there they go out and scavenge, and attempt to be the last man standing. In its concept, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundsisn’t much different. Also released in 2017, and also available across various platforms, it’s a race to survive. Created by PUBG Corporation, it was released before Fortnite Battle Royale, so it can take some kudos for that. Again, players are dropped into an unforgiving environment and must scavenge for things that will help them survive. It's another last man standing scenario, with this kind of game now being hailed as the genre of the day. While the games are similar in concept, they are quite different in how they look. PUBG has been called more realistic looking; more gritty and militaristic. Fortnite Battle Royale is a lot more fantasy and looks much more like an arcade game. It’s just a matter of what look you prefer. As for the maps, new ones keep being released. At the time of writing, it was reported that PUBG will get its third in-game map sometime in early summer. As for Fortnite Battle Royale's Season 2, that is about to finish as we write this. The next theme will be space, but you will know by now. PUBG has bigger maps, but as some players point out, that’s not always a good thing. Having to traverse large tracts of land brings attention to you, which some players don’t like. PUBG has been called a game in which you have to use tactics more and position yourself better, while Battle Royale has been called absolute chaos. Again, it’s a matter of taste as to which environment you prefer. Now, let’s take a look at some numbers: PUBG has sold more than 30 million copies on Steam and a further four million copies for Xbox One. It’s thought, in all, it’s made about $712 million. Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode had over 10million users within two weeks of its release. It’s also said that this game just topped pub in terms of concurrent players. That was 3.4 million for Battle Royale and 3.2million for PUBG. This might have something to do with cost. PUBG costs $29.99 for XboxOne and PC. Battle Royale’s season three pass can be paid for with game credits you already earned, or you can just pay 10 bucks. Another thing to mention is that one of PUBG’sbiggest markets is China, and Battle Royale isn’t even available in China yet. In terms of growth, it looks like Battle Royale is winning, although this has led to problems with its servers. That said, people have complained about servers for both games. But what do the critics think? Both games have gained lots of accolades, with PUBG winning much Game of the Year titles. Battle Royale hasn’t garnered anything close to the same attention, but it came out later and time will tell. PUBG got a score of 85on Metacritic, which aggregates many scores. It was also called by some “The best multiplayer game ever.” Fortnite scored 74, but there is no separate score for the Battle Royale mode. Yes, people said it is fun, but it didn’t receive the same kind of superlatives as PUBGdid. But things might be changing. NFL Star J J Watt posted a poll on Twitter in 2018asking which game was the best and 45,341 people responded. The poll ended with 74 percent of people voting for Fortnite and 26 percent voting for PUBG. Again, this was not just addressed to the Battle Royale mode for Fortnite. The various Reddit threads about the topic didn't show such a difference, with some people saying they preferred PUBG and others preferring Battle Royale. So, which game do you think is the best and why? Let us know in the comments.

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